Saturday, September 03, 2011

New Doors!

We replaced the basement door with a new glass door. It's amazing to have so much light downstairs during the day - but I keep walking past and thinking "Oh no! The door's open!"

On the landing, we replaced a mostly-solid door (it had a small fan light) with a three-quarter light. So now we can see into the yard and sunlight floods the stairway all afternoon.

So nice. If we can get the brick repointed and the front porch light replaced (in other words: put in an actual light fixture instead of a bare bulb), we'll have accomplished all our summer goals for the house. Whew!


Miriam said...

oooohhhh! What a difference. Love the detail in the glass on the back door at the landing.

Fiona said...

Of course you like it! It's basically exactly like the door in your apartment from back in the day. As soon as I saw it installed I thought, "Oh, it's like Miriam's old place."