Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Netflix Says The Darndest Things!

So my student emails to tell me that when he searched "American history" (looking for a documentary to watch) (which is required) (I mean, he's a normal person, not just someone who searches for history documentaries for no reason on a Wednesday night) this is what Netflix offered him.


In other news, Iain decided to try artichoke tonight. He liked it. I'm happy, except that he ate half of my artichoke.

Friday, March 15, 2013


 What's better than finding yourself a houseguest of the Hauss Family (a haussguest...can't be the first to make that connection)?

Doing so right after your birthday.


Did Mrs. Mama Hauss make me shan tart? (AKA Pavlova, AKA Schaum Tart) Yes, she did. Did Miriam find a beautiful pewter bracelet with daffodils carved into it? Yep. My favorite flower and the flower of my birth month. Did dinner include corn pudding? Indeed, it did. Was I forced (forced, I tell you!) to sample a wide range of bourbons? So tragic. But yes. Yes, I was.

I recommend birthdays Chez Hauss.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Who Dat?

 Last night I spoke at the Filson Historical Society in Louisville. It was fun. For me, the best moment was when they realized that I had no belt. No place to hang the microphone. The tech said to me, "You don't have pockets?" Dude, welcome to women's clothing. It's not about convenience.

Miriam selflessly sacrificed her grosgrain ribbon belt so I could tie it on myself and thus achieve proper amplification. Problem solved.

But anywaaaay...there I was, in the downstairs reception room and who did I see? Why, it's Daniel Boone. It's the portrait on the cover of John Mack Faragher's biography, a book I assigned this year to my biography seminar. 

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Wacky Wednesday

 In honor of Dr. Seuss, kids at Iain's school wore wacky clothes today. Iain chose to wear his swim goggles, and his teachers provided a hat.

Makes me re-think my approach to class. Perhaps more stripes and a nice pair of goggles would help me convey the nuances of...the Great Depression. No? Why not?