Thursday, January 12, 2012

OK, Not Bragging But...

"Take a picture of my head!!!" he demanded. Charles complied.

Cooking is fun. When Charles's oldest fried and his friend Lucia visited last month they reminded us of the old, good advice that when kids cook they're more likely to eat new foods. Iain helps me bake, but convincing him to try cookies don't take much work.

Other foods? Much, much more challenging. But their comments lingered in my noodle. So tonight Charles and I made pizza. We invited Iain to join us and he rolled out his very own pizza. I sprinkled on cheese and crisped it on our pizza stone. Eh, voila! Pizza for one.

Only he said, "No!" He underestimated his father. Charles said, "Oh, ok. Time for bed, then."

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

Iain took a bite. Then another. Eventually, with a few reminders, he finished about 50% of the pizza.

ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION? HE ATE PIZZA. Granted, it was melted cheese on pizza - no tomato sauce, no pepperoni, no nothing - but still. That's a new food.

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