Friday, April 06, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Snow, plus Little Man Snow

We woke to snow. This warm winter hasn't brought very much snow. Even when snow fell, the quantities left everyone - everyone - wishing for more. Skiing? Please. Corn snow or ice. Sledding? Not today, dear.

Today's snow proved illusory, too. About an inch fell overnight but it's already melted away. Tomorrow will be sixty degrees, Sunday seventy-two.

But one of our winter goals this year was to get Iain out in the snow more. And check him out! These photos are from January or February, but still. He made a snow family! It took a good while, too, yet he  enjoyed his outdoor time.

As you can see, though, Mommy's food coloring skills lack a certain precision. I was going for blue eyes but we got more of a snowcone effect.

Uh, Mom? Wassup with the yellow mouth?

Daddy Snowman got stone eyes. They worked a lot better than dye.

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