Saturday, May 12, 2012


We replaced the living room light fixtures. Well, we replaced one and are considering the other. Also, we added cans.

Above and below, the new dining room table light. Iain's all, "It's a spaceship!" Yes, son. Little green men make the light. Eat some potatoes or there's no ice cream.

The problem was that there were only 2 lights in the living room. Both looked like mammaries. You know what I mean. Both were Home Depot specials, probably $8 lights. One centered over...nothing, while the other centered over nothing else.

We have lamps. Don't deny that you were thinking, "Duh. Lamps." This is a small house. You can't just stuff in a lamp everywhere. We had 5 lamps and yet the room felt dark. Five lamps is a lot.

So we installed cans. These are 3-5 inch pots with "eyeball" lights. Two shine onto the mantle, the rest ring the room. You can light the dining room only (with or without the spaceship). You can light the foyer, the seating area, or the whole shebang. Bye, bye lamps. (Ok, there are still 3. For reading!)

But we can't quite decide on one last thing. The dining area pendant replaced one mammary. The other? We dunno. It's in the foyer, so nothing can hang (you'd hit your head). But nothing flat seems very attractive. In the meantime, we have a very elegant bare bulb. Between that and a couple of places where we need to re-plaster and re-paint, the living room has a sort of fabulous-but-could-use-patching look.

Let's have another glimpse of the spaceship:

Ooo! Lovely. This is the first time we've ever (ever!) had a dining room light we chose. It's nice.

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