Monday, August 06, 2012


3:00 am: Iain dreams he can hear bugs. So he comes to our bed. With his teddy, two books, and a sippy cup. It's about 10,000 degrees (Farenheit). This is uncomfortable. I take him back but have to spend two or three minutes assuring him there are, in fact, no bugs in his bed.

8:00 am: Iain dreams that his classmate has stolen his sandwich. I say, "When?" and he says "Today!" So I explain that it's breakfast time and lunch hasn't happened yet. He's still pissed. He says the other boy stole his entire lunch "All my good snacks!" What would be an appropriate punishment? "He has to go to Arizona!" Right.

Meanwhile I dreamed that I was giving the graduation speech at school. Except I had a sweaty, rough 3x5 card with a vague outline of what I would say and I kept losing it. Also, I couldn't get my shoes on. Also, I needed to go to the bathroom but there wasn't time. There were at least 1000 people sitting there, waiting for me to be awful.

I think I'd rather dream about bugs in the bed.

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