Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Wedding

Above and below, the view from the wedding. Really.

Just outside of Mendocino there's a state park with a lighthouse. Quite a charming lighthouse, though not a tall one. In Maine, lighthouses tend to be pretty high up. Here, perhaps because of the height of the cliffs, the lighthouse was only a couple of stories tall.

Anyway, they lined up chairs out on the bluff and we all sat there listening to the wind and pretending that we could hear everything being said up front.

Once the happy couple said their vows and walked back up the path, Mother and I walked to the edge for a look. Pretty spectacular, I think.

Below, Mother listens to the service. After, we joined friends and family for cocktails (they had a non-alcoholic bar, too, with iced tea, lemonade, and water), then dinner. Butternut squash soup, green salad, grilled flank steak and poached salmon, polenta (ZOMG!), and mixed veggies. I love California.

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