Friday, March 15, 2013


 What's better than finding yourself a houseguest of the Hauss Family (a haussguest...can't be the first to make that connection)?

Doing so right after your birthday.


Did Mrs. Mama Hauss make me shan tart? (AKA Pavlova, AKA Schaum Tart) Yes, she did. Did Miriam find a beautiful pewter bracelet with daffodils carved into it? Yep. My favorite flower and the flower of my birth month. Did dinner include corn pudding? Indeed, it did. Was I forced (forced, I tell you!) to sample a wide range of bourbons? So tragic. But yes. Yes, I was.

I recommend birthdays Chez Hauss.

1 comment:

Miriam said...

that's cuz you are my bestie and my family adores you. :)