Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Translate, please

More and more, Foodgawker links to blogs in other languages. Thanks to Google translation services, this works out fine.

Well, mostly fine.

 I was just reading a recipe for potato dumplings. It calls for half a kg of boiled, cooled potatoes and another half kg of raw potatoes.

 The first step? "Wipe the friction." Then you add that to the "crushed" cooked potatoes. So I think "wipe the friction" means grate the raw potatoes. I think. Then you mix them with the cooked ones and from there you get a dumpling wrapper that's soft but not totally mushy.

Or, as Google has it, "Drive the egg, add the flour and potato starch and salt. Production of a smooth dough."

Yeah, that.

[Looks good, though. I bookmarked it for later.]

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