Saturday, December 21, 2013


Above, the scene in 2009. Bart and Tony married. Alina, Charles and I represented GSSM.  Iain drooled. Iain coveted the toys intended for Bart and Tony's nephew. Iain refused to nap. Iain screamed his little head off. Iain face-planted onto concrete. It was a party.

Iain, coveting toys not his own

Sunday (Sunday!!) the gents arrive for a visit. Sunday! We've laid on ten pounds of cookies, toffee, and chocolate (courtesy of my generous, sweet students), 6 inches of snow, and a significant quantity of whisky (Irish, Scotch, and Kentucky bourbon). We even have local beer (Squatter's winter special called "Chasing Tail" and decorated with a Golden Retriever).

Iain and Tony. I think Tony just told Iain about the Crystal Method.

Party 2.0. Starts Sunday.

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