Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tony, We Love You

Above, Tony and Iain checking out a half-frozen creek in Capital Reef National Park. There were several tracks across it, so they spent a minute or two speculating about wildlife.


The thing is, I never actually made decent baked potatoes. Ever.

Recipes say, "Heat the oven. Poke the potatoes. Bake for an hour. Voila!"*

No. This is a lie.

But Tony...he knows things. So he said, "Oh, you microwave them for 14 minutes, then bake them at 375 for an hour." Really?

Yes. Really. They're good. Really good. I've made them thrice. Every time: really good. And now Iain says "You make good potatoes, mom." We've decided to call them Tony's Potatoes.

We miss you, guys.

*Please note for the record that I even tried the recipe offered by Alton Brown. Nothing worked for me. Nothing.

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