Monday, May 28, 2007

And I don't like mash . . .

The first half of my day was unremarkable: walk to the Rothermere with Fiona in a cold steady rain, venture to the local department store to acquire umbrellas, return to the apartment.

Things were somewhat more interesting come dinner. After meeting Fiona in the city center, we ventured back towards Hurst Street. We popped into an inviting eatery. The temptation: bangers.

The menu clearly listed bangers and mash as an available entree. Further study of the menu revealed both mash and chips as available side dishes at the same price. My selection made, when the waitress approached, I ordered. Our exchange was more difficult, however, than expected.
W:"Are you ready to order, then?"
C:"Uh, yes, I'd like the bangers and mash."
C:"I see you have chips as an available side. Is it possible to substitute chips for the mash."
W:"Yes, we have that."
C:"Ok, great."
W:"So, that's bangers and mash with a side of chips."
C:"Well, no, just the chips, no mash."
W:"Just mash and chips?"
F:"No, see, he doesn't like mashed potatoes."
W:"Uh . . . "
C:"Can I have bangers and chips?"
W:"Yeah, bangers and chips."


Given my trouble communicating here I despair for our visit to France.

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