Sunday, May 27, 2007

I don't like beans

And I don't like spam, either.
Included in our day was a visit to a local liquor store. The large selection of scotch in the window lured us in like lemmings.
After staring at the selection for awhile, we decided on a bottle of Balvenie. The price was marked for the 1991. We only saw the 1993, so we figured it was just an old sign and that we'd see if the 1993 was available at the advertised price.
F:"Do you have the Balvenie Portwood for
M:"No, it was on special last week."
C:"So all you have is the 1993, then?"
M:"No we ran out of the 1991 when it was on special."
F:"Can we get the 1993 Balvenie?"
M:"Sorry, it was on special last week."
C:"How much is that bottle right there?" (pointing)
F:"We'll take it!"
This was a remarkably difficult transaction, but everyone left with a smile, and, more importantly, we left with the bottle.

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