Friday, November 18, 2011

The What?

Iain's class had a "Friendship Feast." I presume this is a replacement for Thanksgiving (which is next week, anyway). We contributed turkey. Rolled up, deli-sliced turkey. Iain, of course, ate none of that.

Tonight at dinner we asked him about the feast. "The French Fry Feast?"

Yes, that one, son.

"I was invited by 3 Pre-K, actually."


"It's nice to invite people."

In other news, it's snowing cats and dogs. We're forecast for a little accumulation (2 inches? 4 inches? Hard to know right now.), but it's so warm (40s!) that we imagine the snow'll melt away like magic.

It better. Tomorrow morning Iain's scheduled for another birthday party. This one's up a steep hill in a garden. Yes, a garden.

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