Saturday, December 24, 2011

I Can Has Slippers?

Please note the total destruction of Chez Grandparents. I think we know who is to blame:

That's right: rocket man.

Every time we handed out a present, he would say, "Is it for me?" and "I LOVE IT." And we would say, "Open it!" Anything flat elicited, "I hope it's a book!"*

This is really the first year he's been fully aware of the Christmas concept. He recognizes Santa, he wants lights on the house (we told him he can have lights if he'll eat chicken and french fries. He said no.), and he actually went to sleep last night and tonight because of the promise that when he wakes up there will be special gifts. Also, he learned to rip off gift wrap this year.

*Proof we are good parents. Yes, I'm smirking. What of it?

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