Saturday, March 03, 2012

Hope Springs Eternal


Anyway, spring is coming. Not quickly, of course, but it's coming nonetheless. Monday the temps promise to reach 60, with full sun. So it's time for a little planning.

We like a restaurant here called Kyoto. It's a neighborhood spot, nothing fancy, but you can get crispy tempura and big, sloppy udon and if you want to remove your shoes and sit in a Japanese booth that's available.

Outside, they have a gorgeous display of bamboo. Yes, bamboo. The plant that hates me but which I love with a stalkerish delight that makes me happy vegetation can't get restraining orders.

The shortest of Kyoto's specimens is this:

Sasa veitchii (click here for a link to White Flower Farm - you could buy one, too!)

It grows 3-5 feet tall, thrives in the cold, and has that pretty white edging. So I'll plant it and hopefully it won't die. Like every other bamboo.

Fargesia murielae (click here for a link, also to WFF)

Second, I got one of these. It grows 6-12 feet tall (unless it dies) and should anchor the corner where last year's specimen...died.

Last year Boris peed on the bamboo all summer. We think that might have had something to do with its demise. This year Boris has his own little side yard (poop yard) so his pee is isolated. If we're lucky, very lucky, these two will survive.

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