Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Red Butte Gardens - Spring Approaches

Iain has a special kind of school this week. It's spring break but I have a pile of grading not unlike the pile of straw Rumpelstiltskin spun into gold every night. It's big.

So every morning Iain goes off to play with a select band of kids who are in school during spring break. In the afternoon, I pick him up and we have outings.

Yesterday, we visited Red Butte Gardens to check on spring. It's coming, for sure. We basked in 65 degree weather, intense sunshine, and the complete emptiness of the garden. It was we two plus a family of four. That's it.

And look! Snowdrops! They're always the first to pop. I've seen at least ten daffodils around town, though, and the purple heads of tulip leaves are emerging swiftly, too.

Any minute: warm air, brilliant sunshine, and the downward slide into summer. Iain's ready for camp and I'd be dreaming of sleeping in had I not already (!) scheduled pretty much every single day of June. Oh well. There's always July.

Today was the Natural History Museum (Dinosaurs!), tomorrow perhaps the zoo. Or the aviary...you never know.

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