Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rice Cooker

Click on image to go to No one paid me for this post. No one pays me for anything on this blog. The very idea is hilarious. I think about 5 people read this blog on a semi-regular basis.

Sometimes you have to face reality.

I don't recommend doing so regularly - too depressing. But every now and then, especially after a protracted struggle, you just have to acknowledge the truth.

In this case: I'm no good at rice.

I love rice. Wild, white, brown, fried, coconut, sticky, pudding and any other kind you can imagine. But I've tried for years to cook it the regular way (in a pot, with a lid). The results have been pathetic at worst and modest at best.

Meanwhile, I read a few food blogs devoted to Japanese home cooking and bento lunches. No shame in a rice cooker on those blogs. It's just another device and one that can make life a lot easier.

So I faced my rice reality and bought a rice cooker. It's moderate in size - 3 cups - because there are only 3 of us. How much rice can we consume?

Maybe a lot. Actually. It's kind of amazing to pop in a scoop of rice, slosh in the water, click shut the lid and press the button to produce cooked rice. I'm not an expert rice-eater and I can't say that the first batch blew my mind. But guess what? It was cooked. All the way. Not swimming in white water, not mushy, not crackling under your teeth in a way that elicits furtive little glances ("Should I mention that the rice isn't cooked? Better not.").

Several years ago I gave up on pie crust. Whatever gene you need to make good pie crust, I don't have it. So I buy Pillsbury like everyone else (not everyone, of course. I know at least five people who make outstanding pie crust. Just not me.).

This is a moment like that one. Eventually, you just abandon the search for The You You'd Like To Be and embrace The You That Is.


Anandi Raman Creath said...

OK, this is crazy :) I came here from an old post on AskMoxie that you commented on (you mentioned your spouse went to Caltech) and I realize that not only do I know your spouse, but I'm pretty sure we've met as well at one of the Caltech alumni volunteer things - I think it was dinner with Charles and Bryce Elliott in maybe 2004-ish? Small world :)

Fiona said...

Ha! Small world.

Don't you love Ask Moxie?