Sunday, September 23, 2012

Strut the Mutt

We took six photos. Iain closed his eyes in every single one. I think this is his idea of what smiling looks like.

Yesterday Iain joined about two thousand other Salt Lake-ians (Lakers? Salties? Meh.) at Liberty Park for the annual Strut Your Mutt benefit for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Boris joined us, of course. Being half Labrador and half ?, he's the perfect subject of a mutt strut. I wasn't sure how he'd handle so many people and dogs but it turns out that faced with total chaos he becomes Velcro Dog ("I will stick to your side!"). Iain was the same, holding my hand for the entire walk.

Wait, what?

Iain walked? Iain? The kid who rode in his BOB for Maddy's Run? The kid who claims his legs hurt anytime he has to walk around the grocery?

Yes, that kid. He walked two blocks from the car to the park. He walked all the way around the park. He walked back to the car.

If you look closely at the image above, you'll see how I managed this. Chocolate pudding pops have a significant motivational effect, especially at 10am.

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