Monday, December 24, 2012

How He Sleeps

For many years, Charles collected teddy bears. He received them for his birthday, for Christmas, and for random (meaningful) events (our wedding, for example).

We kept them away from Iain at first. But this year Charles opened the last of the enormo-tubs and let the kid play with whatever he wanted. I dedicated a toy box exclusively to bears so we could clean them up every so often.

My point is: normally the bed has one or two bears. The rest live in a box.

But the other night, after Iain fell asleep, we peeked in to check on him. This is what we found. Every single bear. On the bed. Iain in the middle. Snoring.

Can you see him in there? Look at the blue pillow.

[NOTE: Is he asleep now? At 10:12 on Christmas Eve? Ha! No. Not even close.]

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