Friday, August 02, 2013


Weather, climate, divine moodiness... I dunno. Gardens are weird. Two years ago we enjoyed a ton of lettuce. This year they all bolted before we enjoyed any tasty salads. Last year, the tomatoes were OUT OF CONTROL. Really.

This year, the tomatoes grow only enough to indicate to me that they can grow. Any more than that would be a waste of energy. Also, they disdain my hopes. It's like a vegetal finger salute. "Lady, I could grow, but I ain't. So there."

Other plants, though. Huh. I've never before grown bush beans but last year's experiment with sugar snap peas made me angry. They just never set very many pods, relative to the space they consumed. So this year I replaced my edible-pod efforts with plain old green beans. Bush beans, suited for the heat of summer. They're doing great! First of all, they're perfect for Square Foot Gardening. The seeds are large enough that you can actually plant just one seed per hole and space them appropriately. So I've got about 20 little plants making me green beans.

Also a success: cucumbers. I bought one or two small plants from a local nursery and so far we've enjoyed 3 cukes plus there are many more to come.

So here's to the total unpredictability of nature. You never know what you'll get.

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