Monday, August 05, 2013


Strolling up along the ski runs at Brighton...

 Reaching the rocky bits near the top of the trail...

Lake Mary, a pretty alpine lake with rocky islands and plenty of spots to sit and feel the sweat cool on your back. When you start to shiver, it's time to go.

We hiked this trail Saturday a week ago and again this Sunday. The second time we took Iain's advice and brought muffins and strawberries for a snack.

Not that a promised snack can stop Iain's complaints. He said his legs were so, so tired. "How tired can they be? They're only 5 years old! Should last another 80 years!" We practice Not-Very-Sympathetic Parenting. It's also Not-Very-Effective.

But despite his terrible fatigue, Iain managed to walk up to the lake. We popped by Dog Lake on the way down, too.

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