Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kitchen in Full Swing

There's apple sauce (from apples grown on a tree in the backyard of two former students) in the slow cooker, ginger syrup reducing on the stove, and wild rice absorbing water in the rice cooker.

Tonight's menu:

Drinks: ginger lemon soda (for the preggies), ginger orange bourbon cocktails for the rest

Apps: pistachios, locally-produced bresaola, parmesan crisps

Mains: grilled flank steak, wild rice and kale gratin (from Smitten Awesomeness), roasted tomatoes with garlic, herbs and breadcrumbs, honey-mustard carrots, and asparagus. Nate is bringing bread.

Dessert: ice cream with salted caramel sauce, chocolate fudge, strawberries and almonds (it's like a buffet. I'm tired of cake. Please call a doctor.)

After lunch I'll slice the onions, chop the kale, measure out the bread crumbs and peel the carrots. Then a haircut. Then we start cooking for reals.

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