Sunday, May 25, 2014

Back to That Again

Iain grew half an inch or so in the last 3 months. And eating? Oh, he's eating.

Today, for breakfast, he ate a bowl of oatmeal and drank a glass of milk.

That was at 845 or so. At 11 he began to demand lunch. I made it for him at 1115 after about ten requests. What did he eat?
  • a piece of toast with a tablespoon of butter
  • a fried egg
  • a bowl with half a banana and a half cup of grapes in it
  • a bowl of corn chips
  • a bowl of salsa (like a third to half a cup)
  • a bowl of sour cream (probably half a cup)
  • a wedge of my quesadilla (containing cheese and chicken) 
  • two Oreos
  • a large glass of milk
It is now 1210. At 430 we depart for a friend's house for a BBQ. I hope she's ready. 

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