Monday, September 01, 2014

Busy Weekend

Miriam's quilt, finally pieced. This is the top, obviously. The back will be white. Because something has to balance the crazy.

Below, another quilt top I made this weekend. It's for Signal Hill. Iain went out of his way to comment on how ugly he finds two of the fabrics. I assumed (not unreasonably, I think) that he'd let us have this one and I would make something with kid fabrics for him.

Nope. He was all, "I like this one. I'll take it." Oh.

 The blue fabric with little green depictions of what appear to be Aztecs. 
Also the brown batik. Those are the fabrics Iain said he hated. And yet...

So now I'm making a third top, this time for us. All this to use up the fabric stash a little. Any quilters know what I mean: buying fabric is an unstoppable force. Eventually you realize that it's out of control. This weekend I used up a lot. Yay! I also used about 600 yards of white thread.

Now I need another holiday to get to the next step: the sandwiches. You know how much I love those. (Not at all).

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