Sunday, January 04, 2015

Coffee Table

At last. Not that it's the last thing. Not by far. But it was satisfying to identify a nice coffee table. Later that day I set my tea down on a surface other than the floor. Very pleasing.

The table rests on a triangular base made of lucite panels and aluminum supports. The top is glass. I'd never have seen it, buried as it was under a pile of CareBears and other 80s ephemera. But Charles spotted it right away.

It even fit in the trunk! Whee, no delivery. This is my new motto: no delivery.

So now the living room lacks only a rug and some illumination. Still no dining area furniture but that's ok. We can eat on the floor, ranged around a very elegant beach towel, indefinitely.

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Bart said...

Very stylish. Me likey.