Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Garden Plan, Version 1

Ok, so my image-creation skills are crap. But just be patient, please.

Above, a basic (very basic) (kinda pathetic, really) chart of my four raised beds (!!!). As you can see, I've made a rudimentary plan for spring. Lots of lettuce, a number of herbs, spinach, snow and snap peas, carrots, and a small number of tomato and bell pepper plants.

I'll interplant with flowers (violets, marigolds, dahlias, lilies) and add garlic for pest avoidance, plus some nasturtium to boil out of the corners and look pretty.

Meanwhile, in a room next door, a certain Large Young Man is not asleep. He's in there talking. I went to the door and he said, "Mommy are you happy?" "Yes, I said. Are you?" and he said, "I'm hungry. Let's eat something."

I'm working on it, kid. Can you wait 'till June?

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