Monday, November 08, 2010

Madness Madness Madness

It's not that things are busy. They're always busy, right? It's just that things are sooo busy.

But that never stops Iain from playtime. Since our trip to Giraffes-R-Us, he's awash in dinosaurs, sharks, and farm animals (don't ask), so playtime brings a lot of "RAWWWRRR!" noises.

Meanwhile, I think winter has finally arrived. Finally. It was 50 degrees today, with a mix of rain and snow. Tomorrow: 38! And snow! Bring on the boots. I'm ready.


Jania said...

Thank you for the new pix. But, can I tell you, he looks more like a ... lion!

Miriam said...

With all this snow, I assume that your have eaten your humble-pie cookie and your students love you *even* more....Photos of the snow please!

Bart said...

That Boy of yours has got one serious case of the cutes.