Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Glumpy, Ploppy, Sloppy Snow

We awoke Sunday to this. 2-4 inches of wet, heavy, drippy snow on everything. It's the kind of snow that bends the trees until they break (indeed, we lost a big branch along the street and our neighbors lost a HUGE section of their Buckeye tree. Iain got to watch a city truck use chainsaws and a whisper chipper to break down the mess.).

But lo! What sky is that - down the valley to the southeast?

Blue sky. This place is so great. It snowed, then we saw blue sky, then it was grey again. Today: blue sky with big fluffy clouds. Wednesday they're calling for more snow. But in the meantime, we enjoyed the glimpse of sunshine.

In other news, today I got a little High School Flashback.

I sat down in the hall, beside a student to whom I had to break some bad news about an assignment. She took it well.

But when I rose, what did I feel on my hiney? A cool breeze. Too cool. Moist, even.

Turns out that what I took for a stain on the carpet was actually a big puddle. Of what? Who knows. I sat on my chair for an hour, waiting while my body heat dried my butt. Because that's all I need: to parade down the hall with a wet rear end.

Joy. I'd like it, someday, if I could hold a little dignity in my hands. Just for a while.


bugboys69 said...

The snow looks great. I'm guessing that by spring you will be over it. In the mean time enjoy!

As for the embarrassing episode. I had one yesterday too I walked around the office all morning with by fly open and just to ensure embarrassment, there was a little bit of shirt hem poking out. I only noticed when I popped to the loo, thanks for the heads up guys!

Miriam said...

ohhhhhh surely the student didn't notice... or blame it on snow. It stuck to your coat and trousers and you didn't know that it and soaked in...