Thursday, November 07, 2013

Things Not Yet Finished

 Iain's quilt is old. Old, as in made when I was still trying to figure out quilting without ever looking at a book or asking anyone. So it has lumps because I was all, "just roll out the batting stuff and then sew the edges. Meh! It'll be fine!" No.

I offered Iain the pick of my fabric bucket (a 2'x4' bucket) and he chose an interesting mix of batiks and children's fabric. I made some squares because what I've learned about quilting is: KISS.*

We drove down to Holladay to find edging and batting, and Iain liked this ombre polka dot. The back (unphotographed because that's how I roll - forgetfully) is a chain of orange, blue, and green elephants of varying sizes.

Is it done? Ha! I made the "sandwich" a couple of weeks ago. This weekend, I need to break out the sewing machine and get quilting. Once that's done, binding. And then, at last, we can retire the nasty, old, stained, disintegrating, lumpy quilt from long ago.

So, maybe in the new year. Maybe.

*Keep It Simple, Stupid

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