Sunday, November 17, 2013


 What happens when a little boy can't play Lego?

Friday, Iain tried to pry apart two Legos with his teeth. We strictly forbid putting Legos in your mouth. Never, ever. So Charles laid down the law: no Legos until Monday. Ouch!

Saturday, Iain suffered only minimally. He spent much of mid-day at a great birthday party. Then it was time to chill until his new (awesome) babysitter came over. Then cookie-making until bedtime.

But today....todaytodaytoday. All day to play...what? He improvised. And the result you see above.

At 3:30, he asked to watch TV. Ok, we said, if you clean your room. Fifteen minutes later, voila! And now he's watching some hideously violent thing about dinosaurs seeking water but finding - in a tar pit - only death. Death!

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