Monday, June 02, 2014


You read that right. Cher performs tonight at the KFC/Yum Brands arena. We couldn't face the "tilapia" dinner (advice to anyone who ever grades an AP exam: do not eat the fish. Under no circumstances should you eat the fish.). So we strolled down the street to a pizza/bar sorta place.

First of all, you know I chatted up the hostess. She's engaged, using her grandmother's ring until she can afford one because she's 6 months pregnant (it's a boy, they're naming him Hunter) and buying a house. So, you know, wedding plans and a new ring will wait until she can manage that.

Second of all, check out the wildlife:

That's right. about 20 women in their 40s/50s wearing Cher wigs. And sequins. Drinking. Preening (the fake hair requires lots of stroking). Giggling. Taking selfies.

The people in the booth next to us posed for photos with them. Because when will you see this again? Never.

I graded 300 exams today. My 2-day total: 500. Bring it, question 4.

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