Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Quilt

The quilt I made for us many years ago (10? 15? I made it in California so that would have to be...more than 10) has begun to unravel. It's tearing away from the binding on Charles side, the Japanese fabric has faded to a dull, pinkish-gray, and the white isn't so white anymore.

We need another. But we like the pattern. And the fabrics. In fact, we liked everything about it. So I'm making a new quilt with the same pattern and even some of the same fabric.

The top you see above (minus strips of blue and white edging that I added later). I finished the back yesterday. Now I need to find a nice, big open space to make the "sandwich." If we're lucky, it'll be on the bed by September.

When completed, that will make 2 quilts this year. The first was a gift, and a secret until June.

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