Sunday, July 27, 2014

Things You Forget

In the West, you can leave your pistachios/pretzels in a bowl on the counter. They remain crunchy.

In the West, when laundry comes out of the dryer it's dry. Like, you could fold it and put it in a drawer. Right away. Because you used the dryer. To dry the laundry.

In the West, nature doesn't touch you much. Except the sun. The sun touches you all the time. But when you walk through the woods it doesn't quite feel as if the greenery were reaching out for you, stroking your legs, thinking about how you would taste if you were to fall and die and the moss could eat you right up.

In the West, roads have signs. They tell you the name of the road. Sometimes, they direct you toward things.

Yo, East. Fun to get re-acquainted.

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