Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Beautiful Day of Big Trucks (and Tigers)

On Saturday we visited the zoo. It was beautiful - sunny and about 85 degrees. We saw elephants, chickens, a gorilla, and a lot of giraffes.

But whatever for the animals. The zoo's not about animals, right? Right?

It's about construction. They're building a new enclosure for polar bears. And when I say "enclosure," think: small city. It will hold the bears, with multiple habitats (as in: a forested area with ponds, a rocky area with pools, and an underwater swim palace), otters, and sea lions. I assume the penguins may also move in, but that wasn't on the poster.

Naturally, such a big project requires a lot of heavy moving equipment. As a result, it was much, much more important to Iain than, say, the camels. He watched a forklift line up, skewer, and lift about twenty guard rails (or something). Riveting.

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