Thursday, July 21, 2011

Garden Update: Raspberries

Our neighbor, Linda, is a master gardener. She also inherited an amazing property from her parents. She's lived in her house all her life, and thus has enjoyed things like her 40-foot apricot tree for...a lot of years.

When we moved in last year, she and I chatted about the raspberries growing on the line between our properties. "Should I cut them back?" she asked.'re kidding, right?

No. Do not cut them back. In fact, if you have any especially powerful fertilizers, pour them on. I have no objection to Unobtainium, Kryptonite, or any other magical stuff, either.

Last year we got a few handfuls of berries. I thought that was pretty great.

This year, having watched the canes hungrily for months, we're harvesting bowls of raspberries every few days. It's fantastic. I've planted new raspberry and blackberry plants along the border of my vegetable garden and I will probably put in more next spring. Because you simply cannot have too many berries.

But even now: wow.

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Miriam said...

Have you planted a golden raspberry bush yet? You should!! It would be a delicious addition to what you already have.