Friday, July 15, 2011

Snakes (and Chimichurri)

Item of the first: Today was reptile day at camp. Iain saw and possibly touched two snakes, a lizard and a turtle. In the car on the way home he informed me that snakes squirt milk out of their mouths, but it's not yummy because it's poise. As in "poisonous." Apparently, poise is yucky.

Item of the second: Tonight we celebrated the engagement of two friends. Their party called for a South American-themed dish. What to do? What to do? I consulted Foodgawker, typing in "Brazil," "Chile," "Uruguay," and of course "Argentina."

The last one worked. "Argentina" brought up chimichurri, and I recognized one photo. Use Real Butter.


We're done.

Gotta love a blog where things work. So I boiled a bag of little red potatoes (if we're being strictly honest I overcooked them slightly), blanched some skinny asparagus, and tossed the lot with home-made chimichurri. And when I say homemade, let me clarify that I grew the parsley and oregano myself. The chili flakes came from my parents. They got them from their former neighbor, who grew the chilis in his backyard.

Easy peasy. And after a taste I realized I could make a little menu card, too, so everyone knew what they were eating: Vegan. Spicy!

Tomorrow: chocolate pudding. Neither vegan nor spicy.

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