Monday, August 22, 2011

"I Say Interesting Things"

So announced Iain tonight.

Anyway, tonight was the annual block party. Somehow, I found myself part of the Triumvirate of Deciders last week. As a result I spent this afternoon shaping hamburger patties and making cucumber pickles (sunomono) for the crowd. My co-conspirators brought sausages, condiments, tables, chairs, linens, paperware, and a PA system complete with a real, live crooner. He sang Sinatra and Jimmy Buffet, so you can't beat that.

And sure enough, at 6 o'clock people began to come out of their houses and join us for grilled meat (courtesy of Charles, who cooked off about 60 hamburgers and hotdogs), assorted salads, fruit and chips. My neighbor used the PA system to get people to sign an emergency contact list and to think about whether they want to petition City Hall for a residential parking zone.

Even Iain got in on the action. He played trucks, trucks, trucks with three little boys from our 'hood, and I think he might even get a playdate with one of them next week.

I dribbled sausage juice on my shirt, of course.

But stay tuned! The fence is complete and tomorrow I will photograph it after Iain's morning playdate and before his afternoon playdate. His social calendar might require us to hire a secretary.

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