Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh Nom, Nom, ZZZZzzzzzz

The other day Charles served Iain his dinner, then sat down to read while the kiddo ate.

But after a while he thought, "'s kind of quiet back there."

Well, yes. Because Iain ate his dinner, then put his head down and went straight to sleep, ketchup-face and all.



Megan said...

Too cute! I see he's got a new haircut - did you have to drug him, or has he gotten over his deathly fear of the clippers? :)

Fiona said...

We had to hold him on a stool so I could clip. Seriously - it was not pleasant.

But I got new clippers from Amazon, and they work really, really fast. Much better than the older set. So I was all zipzipzip and he was shorn. Quick, if not easy.

He just hates getting a haircut. Wah.

Miriam said...