Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tomatoes! (But No Carrots)

So the carrot experience: not a success. It was my first time growing carrots, and while I know they didn't have any trouble penetrating the soil (raised beds!), something must have gone wrong.

The cherry tomatoes are doing great, though. They're covered in tomatoes, many ripening, and some have already gone to their reward (in my belly). All the rain we've gotten this summer really helped, but I also attribute some success to the seedlings we bought. They're heirlooms grown from seed by the local community garden. In other words: grown by someone other than me.

So far, the herbs, tomatoes, and peas (sugar and snow) have been a great success. Oh, and the AMAZING incredible lettuce, too. Spinach, chard, and carrots are a bust. The bell pepper plants are doing well, but I'm not harvesting anything. So we'll have to wait for a verdict in that case.

There are big changes afoot in our garden, though. Stay tuned for photos.


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