Sunday, July 29, 2012

Choosing a Gift is an Art

Yesterday, Iain and I talked about how to go to sleep. I told him how I use a thought process to do it. I imagine that I have won the lottery (the one from a decade ago, worth about $300 million, you may recall it was won by a small group of people from West Virginia). Then I carefully plan each step - where to deposit the funds, how much to budget for yearly spending, whether to buy a new house and if so what kind of house and where, what kinds of scholarships and endowed chairs to set up...

The point is to bore yourself with the details so that you fall asleep. The point is also to have a routine. You think the same things every night so that you are pushing the "sleep" button just by thinking about such things.

So I explained all this to Iain. He didn't exactly understand. "I could buy the Death Star!"

Well, yes. But what about other people? What would you give Grammy?

"I'd give her a Lego Star Wars kit so she could make it for ME!"

Uh, no. That's not exactly the idea. Dude, you're so four years old.

In other news, Iain woke up last night and announced to me that he'd dreamt we were making chocolate chip cookies. "That's a good dream, right?" Yes, son. That's a good dream.

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