Friday, July 13, 2012

More Zoo Pics

Remember that trip to the zoo? The one before the sun descended to burn the Earth and make us all into crispy little sticks? May. I think we called the Time Before 110 Degrees...May.

Anyway, here are more photos from that visit. There's a new enclosure for cold-water animals (seals, otters, polar bears, whatnot). Iain was semi-into it.

See above. "What?" he thinks. Last night, I went in to check on him at bedtime and he said, "Just leave me alone, Mom." Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we have early-onset adolescence!

This polar bear is an attention hog. Srsly. S/he would swim up to the window (see below), backflip (yes, showing us all the business. I don't remember what I saw, though. Too furry, maybe.) and swim away.

In other news, today I made more black tea ice cream (decaf!) and a batch of Biscoff ice cream (50/50 mix of cream and 2% milk, whisk that into half a cup of Biscoff spread (warmed up in the microwave to soften it), add a little sugar (like a quarter cup) and a little vanilla, chill, churn, freeze.). Lots of nice freezy treats around here to combat the weather.

THE WEATHER. It's hot. News flash.

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