Monday, July 02, 2012

Grilled Pineapple Ice Cream

First Ice Cream of the Summer!

I know you're not quite as excited as I am, tolerant.

Every summer we drag out our gelato maker and commence making any flavor of ice cream that tickles our fancy or can't be bought. In previous years, we've produced cinnamon, roasted banana, Earl Grey, and Vietnamese Coffee. (Note: the last two are delicious but extremely caffeine-intensive. FYI. Not a post-dinner snack.)

This year some or all of us traveled for most of June. First the AP reading in Louisville, then ten days in California, then I departed for San Francisco for 4 days.

But - finally - we're all in one place now. Home. And the weather has indicated its desire for us to make ice cream:  

So tonight we began. Charles grilled skewers of pineapple with dinner. I chopped a leftover skewer into pineapple slush, added a tiny bit of minced ginger, some vanilla extract, and a quarter cup of brown sugar. That went into a measuring cup full of cream and milk with another quarter cup of white sugar. 

45 minutes in the machine and poof! A beautiful, white ice cream laced with chunks of grilled sunshine and a little spicy from the ginger. 

Next? Make a suggestion. 

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