Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gardening and Shopping Success

After our garden fail with the chard seeds, I needed something to go right.

So today I took Iain down to Millcreek Gardens and we bought some pansies. Because you can't go wrong with pansies. Also, we checked out the conifers, the fencing, and the lilacs. I restrained myself, but only just.*

When I returned, Iain and Charles helped me load my new wheelbarrow (!!!) with decayed leaves and glass clippings (aka compost) and transfer them to the raised beds. Did I mention that my blueberries and blackberries are about to leaf out? Exciting.

Anyway, I filled the beds so they can break down a little more before I add soil (probably only about 2 inches in each bed since the lasagna method took care of the rest) and begin sowing lettuce seeds. Then we put up the PVC pipes that will eventually hold landscape fabric (to protect from unexpected snow - like last year's May 26 snowfall).

But wait! There's more. While Iain napped (no, really) I popped out to Barnes & Noble where I found some good books for my seniors. Graduating students traditionally receive a book from a faculty member, and this year I have 3 seniors in my charge.

After that, I went looking for something cute to spend my birthday loot on. Sundance to the rescue. Cute, right? I love pleats. And color! And pattern! You're wondering about body snatchers, aren't you?

I actually bought this. It's not black. I think I'm growing as a person.

Did you think I was done? Nope! When Iain woke up we all went down to IKEA, where we got an umbrella and stand plus 3 planters. We're going to barricade the part of the yard near Iain's sandbox so the dogs won't go in there. The umbrella's purpose is, surely, obvious.

In other words: our seeds failed but we're doing ok anyway. It's mid-March, and spring is in the air. Crocuses line the sidewalks, daffodils and tulips will be next, and before you know it we'll all be complaining about the heat. I'll be complaining while wearing a cute skirt, though.

*I may have slipped 4 dahlias onto my cart, but I'm not telling. And you won't know anything about it until July, anyway.

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