Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tooonnnny! Here, Tony Tony!

You know you want it, my friend. You Know.

Article here.


bugboys69 said...

You know just where my erogenous zone is don't you my friend.

I like it a lot but it isn't going to be a camper in the true sense. It is to short for one, no where to put the cooking gear but as a day van full marks.

I have to add VW will not make it, they roll one of these concepts out every couple of years get every VW nuts gander up and then do nothing about it.

Ps last weekend we had our full with bed fitted in the current van, all in black and white vinyl to go with the overall colour scheme. Can't wait for festival season to get started. I'll post some picks on the blog.

xxx T

LearningByReading said...

We know your friends back in college know where your erogenous zones are :)