Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Last night, on the Big Bed:

Iain: Chase me! Tickle me! Nooooo!
Me: Gotcha! [tickle, tickle] Mmm. These toes look good and I'm HUNGRY! Oh nom, nom, nom [nibbles toes].

Iain: No! Toes not for eating.
Me: Well, then. What are they for?
Iain: Walking.
Me: Oh.

Iain: Here's some chocolate. [mimes throwing me a piece of chocolate.]
Me: Yum! [I mime eating the chocolate.]
Iain (looking thoughtful): My...toes...are...chocolate!
Me: Oh? [Grabs feet] NOM NOM NOM [nibbles toes energetically]

Cute squealing.

Also, we signed up Iain for about 65 weeks of swim camp. Because we'd like to see gills by September.

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