Friday, May 16, 2008

Fashion Show

Iain's great-grandparents liked to dress up. Or, at least, they liked to dress their babies up.

They also liked to save things. Result: Iain has a number of gorgeous baby things passed down from the knitting needles of his great-grandmother (Penny), his Great-Aunt (Georgiana), and other folks whose names are lost to time.

The beautiful christening dresses either don't fit yet or are so delicate I can't stand to put them on him (one has a neck opening too small for his HUGE head/neck apparatus). But the knit things fit. So this morning I dressed him up and took some pictures.

As you can see, he was more bemused than amused. Still, I think the Diana Ross-meets-Country Club Sweater look is divine.

Below, a cap and sweater combo to go over a christening gown, or just for when you need a little bling.

This outfit was a gift from a friend in LA. It's Hannah Andersen, and it fits perfectly! They're very smart, those Andersens. The bottom of the garment has 2 sets of snaps, so you can make the length fit your baby and so the baby can wear it longer. Not our son, of course. He's already in the bigger snap-size. Because he's a HORSE.

The horse sleeps. Yeah!! Of course, this nap took place at 4pm, so that's not really what I had in mind. I've been whispering in his ears: "Bedtime is from 11pm to 6am. Sleeeeeep...."

It's not working.


Megan said...

Awwwwww, very cute! Though I'd describe the first look as more 1970s Elton John - he even looks like he's about to break into the chorus of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"... Now he just needs a little toy piano... :)

Bart said...

That first photo is a dead ringer for Elton John as the Pinball Wizard from 'Tommy'.

Check this out: