Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ah, Sunday

A week or so ago, Iain decided he wanted to take a late night walk. In the snow. With Daddy.

Remember his utter, total, complete refusal to wear his snow boots? We figured this was our out. "OK, you can go for a walk in the snow, but you have to put on your boots and coat and hat and mittens." "Ok!"


So he piled on the gear (over his jammies - it was 8:15!) and out they went. All the way down the block, to the corner and back. When they walked back up the steps Iain had a pile of snow on his head and shoulders.

It was magical.

Not so magical? Today's temper tantrum. But it was only a sign of fatigue. He's currently sacked out on the Big Bed, snoring away like his favorite steam train.

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