Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow, Beautiful Snow! (and 57 degrees!)

I love me some ski resort. And on a sunny day? Perfection.

So we took Iain up to Snowbird on Saturday. My students were ski racing, and we wanted to watch. Plus, one of my students gave me a cowbell to ring as the others came down the hill.

Apparently, in ski racing, having someone ring a cowbell is very, very embarrassing. So you can see why she wanted me to do it.

Iain wasn't 100% keen on standing around in the snow for 3 hours, but he liked having his snack outside, and he liked the fire pit, and he liked it when the girls flirted with him. Did he flirt back? No. But I figure he's got time to figure that out.

So we gave him the bell and held him up to see as the racers shot down the mountain. His bell-ringing skills are still developing. But he liked it, and my students liked that he was there.

This is the view as you head down the canyon toward the city. Seriously. Yep. No, really.