Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We mentioned how tall he is, right? February 5, 39.5 inches.

From our house, you can be at Alta in 40 minutes. Door to door, skis on, slide down the slope toward the lift.

And, if you're me, fall flat on your butt. I've done this both times we've skied Alta, so I think it qualifies as a tradition.

Anyway, today I visited Iain for lunch (they made Stone Soup so I had to go up and sample it), then headed back to school, then home for my lunch, then into our gear, then back out to ski.

It was a funny day. For one thing, a small person (5 years old, 30 lbs) body checked me. Twice. The first time I recovered. Charles said, "That kid nearly ran you over!"

The second time he ran me over.

But it was fine. No harm, no foul. And as his father pointed out, he hardly weighs anything.

So that was fun.

After four (free!)* runs, we stripped off all that gear (boots, skis, poles, helmets, gloves, jackets, goggles...) into the trunk. I had just popped my baseball cap on my sweaty head when Charles looked at his left hand and gasped.

Uh, oh. No ring.

No ring in gloves, no ring in trunk, no ring in boots, in goggles, in helmet, on ground, in snow. No ring anywhere. He talked to Lost and Found, he filed a missing item report, he was pretty upset.

And then we took one last look at our parking space. There it was. A passing stranger gave us a high-five when we snatched it up and exclaimed "Wedding Ring!!!"

*After 3 Free at Alta!


Miriam said...

Woah. See, sometimes it isn't smart to wear the blueberry out doing strenuous activities. So glad you found it. Hoping you aren't sore from the run-down.

Fiona said...

Well you're right - I didn't wear the blueberry because it slips around in my glove and bugs me.

But it was Charles's ring that fell off. I think he needs to eat more twinkies so he can get pudgier fingers.